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Family Law WEB Guide
WEB Guide

This website devoted to the special concerns of people facing serious and difficult challenges in their relationships.

Our website offers advice, tips and resources to people struggling with having to make important decisions for themselves and about their relationships, their children and their futures.

If you are reading this then you probably belong to one of two groups of people:
  • you're going through the divorcing process or,
  • you know of someone who is.
In either case, you've made an excellent decision in visiting this site because you will find that it will provide you with tons of information, resources, tips and advice.

Not too many people have gone through a divorce without at least some disruption to their lives. To say the least, getting divorced is unsettling. It requires that you to make decisions make changes and re-organize lots of things in your life.

It's very normal to feel stressed, anxious, sad, angry and depressed during the divorcing process. These feelings can go in cycles and at times they tend to cluster together. Sometimes people describe themselves as being on an emotional rollercoaster - feeling up one moment and down the next.

You need to know that this is a quite common experience for people going through a divorce. It is an emotionally trying time and people's ability to cope is often stretched to the max. The good news is that for most people going through divorce, this difficult time is usually short lived and does pass.

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