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29 Nov
Court takes child off mother and reverses lives with parent status

22 Nov
Supreme Court rules wording on police interim intervention orders 'too vague'

10 Nov
Child-related AVOs in NSW rise 76 per cent after police given new powers

09 Nov
Mother stops father seeing daughter for 12 years - despite 82 court orders

25 Oct
Retired Family Court judge Richard Chisholm has passed his 'use by date'

06 Oct
Child Support - Change of Assessment data

05 Oct
Commonwealth Ombudsman highlights serious failings in Australias child support system

04 Oct
Labor MP Michelle Rowland wants parliament to apply more scrutiny to Child Support pay...

14 Sep
NSW to introduce legislation to support the broadcasting of judgments and sentences

24 Aug
Exeter man denied refund after paying 30,000 in child support for girl that wasn't his...

08 Aug
Confidence betrayed by the justice system

30 Apr
inquiry into how the child support system works, including links between it and the Fa...

24 Apr
Domestic violence study flawed say mens health advocates

27 Jan
Court refuses to send quake-affected boys to NZ

14 Dec
Child's school project becomes a plea to the Family Court

18 Oct
Woman who took child abroad on trial

18 Oct
Barriers make child's play hard work for grandads

12 Oct
International report on fathers paternity leave after birth of bubs

05 Oct
Child trapped in Egypt by bizarre custody battle

03 Sep
Paternal influence crucial to the success of children

25 Aug
March against Alienation - Fathers Day Hyde Park

13 Aug
Hard line over child abuse (NZ)

06 Jul
False abuse claims are the new court weapon, retiring judge says

11 May
NSW Government releases Domestic Violence App

29 Apr
Defendants To Front Up In Court Study (NZ)

11 Apr
Cost of raising a child to 18 is now $1 million

08 Apr
Cost of raising a child

06 Feb
Gotcha tapes disliked by court

02 Feb
Review of Australias national Paid Parental Leave scheme

06 Jan
Age eligibility for Family Tax Benefit Part A has changed

01 Jan
Minister Macklin announces changes to Newstart

14 Dec
Lawyers say Family Court reforms pose risk to vulnerable (NZ)

21 Oct
There's got to be something more than this! say men

12 Oct
Mothers who deny fathers access to the couples children after a break-up could be jail...

03 Oct
Father must withdraw criminal charges - Girls ordered back to Italy

02 Oct
New name for Federal Magistrates Court revealed.

15 Sep
Opposition Grows to British Governments Parenting Proposal (UK)

23 Aug
WA court counsellors sticking fathers with false allegations

07 Aug
Sisters lose High Court custody challenge

03 Aug
Feuding couples to pay for dispute resolution (NZ)

23 Jul
Child support formula baffles 90% of parents - AIFS study

12 Jul
Dad's 'good times' with daughter cut by court

29 Jun
Family Court seeks missing children

23 Jun
Tough means test locks low-income earners out of Legal Aid

20 Jun
Dads needed on Father's Day [USA]

19 Jun
Government Assent and Notice of increased fees

13 Jun
Publications released on new Family Law changes June 2012

07 Jun
FM Tom Altobelli takes innovative approach

04 Jun
Taunts, cruelty to pets now domestic violence

02 Jun
Growing importance of men in families

02 Jun
Member calls for Government to undertake a comprehensive review of family law and the ...

29 May
New practice note for AVOs in the local Court (NSW)

27 May
New Federal Magistrate Myers appointed to Newcastle

14 May
Girls 'taken' before being deported to Italy

06 May
Child support payments secured by new investigation unit

04 May
Single parents to lose benefits

01 May
Child protection boosted

01 May

26 Apr
Ex-lover punished for Facebook revenge

29 Mar
The fruits of litigation!


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Added 30 August, 2011, 07:10 PM
Author: NineMSN  

Ombudsman slams NSW child welfare
18:02 AEST Tue Aug 30 2011

Some children are being let down by the reforms to NSW's child protection system and it's "inconceivable" a strong welfare regime will be delivered in the near future, the state's ombudsman says.

In a scathing report released on Tuesday, Ombudsman Bruce Barbour identified serious concerns about the capacity of the reformed system to adequately protect children from harm.

The report reviews the first 12 months of the "Keep Them Safe" action plan - from January to December last year - a regime put in place to respond to the 2008 commission of inquiry into child protection.

Mr Barbour said fewer children and families were now receiving face-to-face assessments, despite the significant fall in demand following the commission's recommendation to lift the reporting threshold.

More worrying was the closure by the NSW Department of Community Services, without further assessment, of a quarter of the reports which had indicated risk of significant harm.

Mr Barbour said

On any measure, it is unacceptable that 25 per cent of all reports assessed by Community Services as requiring some intervention received no response in the first 12 months of Keep Them Safe.

These children, at the very least, need Community Services to check on their circumstances and, when required, intervene to protect them.

Reports about high-risk older children and adolescents, and habitual school absenteeism receive a very low level of response.
Chronic staff shortages in regional and remote parts of the state were also identified in the report.

Mr Barbour said

Based on information obtained by my office for this report, it is inconceivable that a strong and integrated child-protection system will be able to be delivered in the near future.

It is now time to take stock of the reform program and establish clear priorities for prompt action.
Mr Barbour said the solution was not simply to call for more resources but to use them "more effectively".

NSW Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward blamed the former government for "a child-protection system seriously lacking in capacity to adequately protect children from harm".

NSW Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward said

The government will build on the Department of Family and Community Services Action Plan to Improve Capacity in Child Protection, so that more children can be seen more often

Sue Richards, CEO of NSW Family Services said

Outcomes for vulnerable children wouldn't change while "we keep doing the same things

For years we have been stuck with a system that is very process driven and which gives scant attention to outcomes for children

That 79 per cent of reports of children being at risk of significant harm do not lead to the child being seen should have us not only very, very worried, but also ashamed.

The amount of money that has been spent on infrastructure would appear to have been wasted, unless we can say that children are now safer than they were 18 months ago.

Wayne Butler, Shared Parenting Council said

And today in the Sydney Morning Herald, we see the same Government that Pru Goward tells us will be building on the department, announcing possibly up to 80 thousand Public Servants are to go. Oh and yes let's not forget the the most recent statistics from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW, 2011) report that, as of 30 June 2010, there were 35,895 Australian children living in out-of-home care. In NSW 16,175 with (55.6%) of those placed with relatives or kin.

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