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Family Law and the Various Courts

The Courts from which the parties may seek assistance with family law disputes are:

Both the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court are federal courts established by legislation of the Australian Federal Government. They must exercise their powers as provided by the Family Law Act 1975. Matters can be readily transferred from one court to the other when required.

Different Forms And Procedures
The Family Court and the Federal Magistrates Court manage cases differently. Each Court has its own set of forms. The specific forms are outlined in the Rules of each Court. You can obtain a copy of the forms from the Court registry.

Family Court Of Western Australia
While many procedures in the Family Court of Australia and the Family Court of Western Australia are similar, there are significant differences. If you live in Western Australia you should contact the Family Court of Western Australia directly.

Magistrates Court of a State or Territory
If you intend using the services of your State or Territory Magistrates Court you need to contact their registry for information. You will find their contact details under ‘Attorney General’s Department’ in your local telephone directory.
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