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Appropriate living arrangements
Posted 17 February, 2012, 10:24 AM
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We are in negotiation with the mother of my stepchildren and may agree to an overall of 75 nights per year. Probably 40 of those 75 nights, the children will not spend in our house. We like doing camping trips and like to visit family members so they can interact with their cousins. Two weeks they will be staying with my husbands mother (not as a whole but over all over the year).
They are both in their early teens, boy and girl. They have been sharing a room while with us for a while now. Due to excessive CS (ex reduced her income to below self support and claiming arrears which never existed) and excessive hecs debt, we can't afford a 3 bedroom apartment in Sydney close enough to work and due to extra CS we gotta pay now and my degree, we have to downgrade as well. The other parent lives in the country and the children do have their own rooms. We earn a good income, but need a place which is time sufficient due to both of us working and studying full time and not to expensive.
We are considering to put a bunk bed into a study for those 30-35 nights per year during school holidays and we are out and about mostly during the day anyway. While on holidays, they always share anyway. While staying at my inlaws, they will have their own rooms.

Is that appropriate enough? Are there any legal aspects?
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Posted 17 February, 2012, 01:31 PM
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If your care is weekends and school holidays and there is no need to provide facilities for educational needs then I doubt the court will have a problem with it.
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