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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a ‘Guest’ post on the site?
Yes but only as a ‘Guest’ and the post is not visible on the site until a site Moderator has authenticated it. If excessive numbers of ‘Guest’ posts are coming from the same IP address a site director may block the IP address

Do ‘Guests’ and ‘members’ of Family Law WEB Guide have the same access privileges?
No, a ‘Guest’ can view forum posts and any posts they make have to be authenticated. Additionally not all areas of the site are visible to them. Members can make posts in any public forums and the entire public area of the site is visible to them. Members also acquire site member points

Are there hidden areas on the site?
Yes, these are areas in development where a small number of editors are working on new site developments. Some groups also have hidden forums which are only accessible by members of those groups. There are hidden Executive forums where the leaders of some groups communicate with each other

How is that I can use the same user name and password but have access to a closed members area without another password?
The site uses segmented multiline security and your user name is encoded to only view the areas that you have been given access to.

I belong to a closed forum and it shows every time I log in – why is this?
Because your user name has been coded (associated) with that forum. Log out and then visit the site as a ‘Guest’ and you will see the forum has disappeared.

Can the public areas be searched by search engines?
Yes, If your posts relate to a confidential issue, you should preferably join a group that has ‘closed’ forums that cannot be searched by search engines. Some Moderators on the site use their own names because they are identified with a particular group or organisation.

What is the ‘whisper’ function?
You can direct a forum reply to a specific Family Law WEB Guide member and only that member can view your post

If I post a document or make a post in a member’s only area how secure and private is it?
The posts and any document cannot be ‘searched’ for on the site by FLWG members (or Search engines) and any documents are not indexed in any area. The only people than can read your posts are ‘members’ of the same group

What happens if I want to put something really confidential on the site for specialist feedback but I don’t want the information readily available to other people?
Go to ‘My Account’ and into your ‘personal zone’ and enter some information in that section – only the site directors and yourself have access to that area. This situation mostly occurs with the SRL-R group helping with a current case. Email the group in the first instance and they will arrange for the information to be placed in the SRL-R Executives area which is under 3 levels of security –even the site directors do not have access to that area.

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