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The Forums are an online service that allows users to post questions and responses to other posted questions in a series of threads. Thread is another word for topic. Each thread contains one original message and replies to that message. The default thread display mode is fully-threaded.There is a table of content below the original message which shows you the flow of discussion, the thread will display the replies in chronological order. Be respectful of the opinions of other members, and do not discriminate it based on nationality, sexuality, gender, religion or race.

If you have a problem with another members actions, contact a member of staff. Do not complain in-topic about the subject being too far off-topic or otherwise breaking rules. Use the 'report post' feature to alert a member of staff instead. Leave it to moderators to establish what is and is not acceptable posting.

WARNING: You should also be aware that all publically accessible area's of this web site, including the public Forums, may be scanned and indexed by search engines. Please be diligent in the use of your name, and others, and you MUST comply with section 121. You will NOT be able to edit your post after 24hours and it will become a permanent post in the forums.

You can enter the Forums from the Forum option on the Top Menu Bar.

Click here to enter the Forums

A summary of the latest post's in some of the most popular forums is display at the bottom of the Home page. You can read the post by clicking on it's title. You can also navigate directly to the Forums by clicking on the   more...   icon at the bottom of each section.

If you have joined the Family Law WEB Guide and have logged in, you will see the menu below. If you are not a member, or have not logged in, you will see the menu above. You do not have to be a member to read the Public Forums. However, your group membership determines which Forums you can see and participate in, more Forums will become visible when you join the Family Law WEB Guide and the various Groups. You can view a list of the various Groups and Associations involved in this site from the Groups icon on the Top Menu Bar.

All of the Forums are grouped into categories. The Main Heading describes the category or subject that the Forums are about. Some Forums have Sub-Forums. Remember, Posts are in Topics, Topics are in Forums, and Forums are Grouped together into categories.

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