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Why Join
When you join the Family Law WEB Guide you will have your own user name and identity within the site. This means that your posts and replies will be directed to you personally. You can select your own user name, and it does not have to be related to your real name, in fact we encourage you to use a pseudonym . In order to prevent spamming and internet 'bots' from abusing the site we ask for a valid email address. Unsolicited email will not be sent to this email address, it is used for vailidation purposes only. You can read our Privacy policy here.

Also, many of the menu's, options, features and content of this WEB site vary depending upon your membership to the Family Law WEB Guide, and your membership to the various communities and groups within this site. Some options will only become visible when you have certain rights accorded to you by being a member of a particular community or group.

What does it cost
Membership to the Family Law WEB Guide is free. However, some of the groups and communities within this site have a nominal membership fee, or ask for a donation. Once you have become a member of the Family Law WEB Guide you may apply to join any of these groups. All of the Groups and Communities can be found in the Community section.

How do I join
You can join the Family Law WEB Guide here.

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