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Family Law

My name is Richard Sophia, i think its a good thing to share this wonderful testimony because am so happy now, i have been married for four years, with two kids, and a lovely husband, i was having a sweet family, until when things started getting sour, my husband started comin...
QLD Psychologists Board tries to hose down acceptance of Parental...
The Australian newspaper7 April 2008Ruling debunks custody diagnosisBy Tony KochChild custody determinations in scores of Family Court decisions could be challenged following a ruling debunking parental alienation syndrome, a controversial diagnosis of the effects on a child w...
Threat to withold children on visitation
My ex has a DVRO against him which includes the children. I am aware that any orders from the FMC overide this. In the last school holidays the ex had the children forapprox 10 days. The interim order was made 4 days prior to the children leaving me to visit their father (he ...
I want to change my childs surname so its the same as mine
I am a single mother and my ex husband only sees my child every 7/8 weeks. Hes suppose to see her once a week on a sunday but ge doesnt.I want to change her surname so its the same as mine. Im facing a lot of problems when I travel out of the country with her. I get stopped an...
Is this Family Violence?
My ex ran off interstate with a new man about 5 years ago when she became pregnant with his child. She left a letter on our kitchen table "giving" me our two children (2 & 6). Ex's new man was quite a colourful character on parole at the time and with a string of past convi...
Binding Financial Agreements
I was discussing BFAs with a friend/solicitor the other evening and specifically the provision for children in a binding financial agreement BFA.It was discussed that if children are not specifically mentioned in the BFA and a child is born, than this could be a material reaso...
Equal share in will
A Father has no wife and is not married,he has 4 children,in his will,he left his 4 children his estate and all money he owned.In his well,he left 3 of his children 30 percent each,and one child only 10 per cent,but gave no reason why he only left 10 per cent to one child.The ...
Rated M Movies for 6 year old child
I am posting this topic to get some views of other parents from this site .I consider taking a young child of 6 years to see a Rated M or MA movie such as Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to be wrong and something I would never consider doing because of the violen...
amicus brief
G'day all, i am curious if anybody here personally or genuinely knows of someone whom has attempted to introduce an " amicus brief " into a Family Court or Federal circuit court here in Aus. ? Cheers Amicus brief legal definition of Amicus brief - Legal Dictionary - The Free ...
Erasing Dad-A Documentary about Parental Alienation in Argentina
English subtitles available http://youtu.be/ZiPu8bK3D9Y

ORR said

You need to click on the settings box to enable subtitles. We have reviewed this video stream
Dr Richard A Warshak
Attachment Download: Warshak-CR27-BringingSense.pdf (2 Mb, 121 downloads so far) Dr, Richard A. Warshak - CR27 - Bringing Sense to Parental Alienation: - A Look at the Disputes and the Evidence said CR27 - Bringing Sense to Parental Alienation:A Look at the Dispu...
Is this sub-forum public
Sorry, it has been a while since I posted in this area. Like many years. Before I post, is this sub-forum public or private?

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