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I am being paid as an apprentice chef (2nd year) however I am not an apprentice, I am a grade 2 cook. Apprentices get paid very low, has this ever happened to anyone?  Taking the matter to fair work and wondering if anyone has any advice on whether this is a legal matter. In a...
Sudden change in childs attitude.
We (grandparents) have orders which were achieved by consent to see our near 3yo granddaughter for half a day, once a month. Our son, who lives in the same town sees her every second weekend. The case is ongoing in the Federal magistrates court and we are self representing. Ea...
Heartbleed - list of affected sites

Most of these sites are US based though so not sure about local sites.
refusal to give address
Hi childs other parent has her half these holidays we have no court orders but our agreement is we have each others addys and i would get phone timeI have lost the address it was on my computer not sure what has happened and I text the parent asking for it again as child is st...
First court date Monday..what can I expect
First - the super short version of what has led to needing to go to court. Children have lived with me since separation 7 years ago .. now aged 21,19 and 13...so only the 13yo involved.4 March -Served with an Initiating Application by the father who within 15 mins of me being ...
defacto financial orders
"You must apply for de facto financial orders within two years of the breakdown of your relationship. After this time you need the Court's permission to apply"My question is - if the two years has lapsed and application for financial orders was not applied for, does anyone kno...
Not sure about anything anymore
Hi.I am currently separated and living under one roof with my soon to be ex. He has stalled each and every way possible, and I'm near a nervous breakdown.Our combined assets total 40k. He refused an offer of 20k and to keep all his super while I assumed the mortgage for the ho...
limited access with my kids now out of the state holiday
Hi all my name is xxxxx and after some much needed advice. The wife and i have been separated for just over a year now with very limited access to my children and it got right down to 1day a week (saturdays ) for one hour. This was very gut renching and very hard to cope with....
missing grandchildren
Now that we have spent $20,000 on lawyers and mother has been allowed to take children interstate to live, we are considering appealing the Senior Registrar's decision. Can anyone identify with this?
Passports is an ongoing grinding issue with me. When we made our orders in 2008 I had built in to the orders that the children would be allowed to travel overseas with me on achieving the age of 8. (Would have made it earlier but ex would not have a bar of it and I was looking...
Post error
I post a reply to my post Moving Interstate but 30 min time limit expired can you ( moderator ) post as from me and not from guest or do i need to re-post

             Cheers Knox
Shared Parental Responsibility
I am a long time poster and need an answer to a question .  I tried to make a post as a guest but it never can up.  I just don't want this post tied to my main account so apologies to admin for the seconed accountBackroundConsent orders made in 2010 that state:1  The Applicant...

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