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Bob Geldof
Whatever cause he happens to be fighting for, he is the world's most effective troublemaker

Court takes child off mother and reverses lives with parent status
Selfish separated parents who try to stop their children having a relationship with their former partners are having the kids taken off them by courts. A judge recently took the drastic step of ordering that a girl, eight, who had lived with her mother since her parents separated when she was 13 months, instead live with her father.
Supreme Court rules wording on police interim intervention orders...
Thousands of restraining orders in South Australia may need to be reviewed because of a Supreme Court ruling on a certain phrase. Police interim intervention orders or court intervention orders issued prior to October 2, 2014 may contain the words "in the vicinity of", a phrase that has been deemed invalid by the Supreme Court.
Child-related AVOs in NSW rise 76 per cent after police given new...
Apprehended violence orders taken out to protect children from physical and sexual abuse have soared 76 per cent in the past year across NSW. NSW Police child abuse squad commander, Greig Newbery, says the dramatic increase is proof domestic violence often affects children, not just women in abusive relationships.
Mother stops father seeing daughter for 12 years - despite 82 cou...
The Court of Appeal ordered that the case be resolved, saying the teenagers childhood had been irredeemably marred by years of litigation. Lord Justice McFarlane, presenting a written judgment, said the mother had doggedly refused to allow M to develop and maintain a relationship with her father without any good reason. The father said .. My relationship with my daughter is slipping away, her childhood is disappearing.

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