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Edward Kruk
Child custody and access law and policy remain among the most contentious areas of family law and family practice. A rights-based discourse dominates the field

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Exeter man denied refund after paying 30,000 in child support for...
The 49 year old has been told that even though he has provided a DNA test showing that he is not the father, he will not get a penny back. A Dept of Work and Pensions spokesman said if a person continues to make child support payments for year after year, the assumption has to be that they accept parentage. When there is a dispute, then the onus is very much on the father to prompt action and have a paternity test, rather than pay and wait until the child is an adult.
Confidence betrayed by the justice system
Public disclosure of psychiatric records can have devastating results. Every medical record, counselling record, hospital record was subpoenaed. It was photocopied at the court and given to my ex-husband's (my childrens father's) solicitor and to my solicitor as well. Whilst my solicitor exercised a duty of care and kept the information private, unfortunately the same discretion wasn't exercised by the other party.There is no confidentiality.
inquiry into how the child support system works, including links ...
The Abbott government has called for a parliamentary inquiry into how the child support system works, including links between it and the Family Court. The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs has announced it has commenced a new inquiry into the Child Support Program, as requested by the Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews. It has been charged with looking at under or over payments, and enforcement options for payments, flex...
Domestic violence study flawed say mens health advocates
A national coalition of mens health advocates has made a formal complaint to the UNSW Ethics Committee about an online study of young peoples attitudes towards domestic and family violence that it appears to have approved. The complaint states the survey on which the research is to be based is gender-biased, poorly formulated and misleading. It cannot achieve its stated aims and any consequent findings will be unreliable and are likely to mislead the public. Mens Health Au...

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