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General Dads On The Air 2GLF FM 89.3 11.00-12.00pm and ONLINE If you are in Sydney the show can be heard live across much of the city at 2glf fm 89.3 It can also be heard via live streaming at www.893fm.com.au Failing that, the show can be downloaded from the site www.dadsontheair.net Unlike previous times, where there were extensive delays before the shows became available, our programs are now usually up on the web within 24 hours of broadcast.

Dads On The Air is one of the most successful community radio programs in Australia.

It is archived by the National Library of Australia and for researchers represents the most extensive collection of information on the push for family law and child support reform in Australia. It also documents the history of the fatherhood movement in Australia and internationally and provides a fascinating insight into mainstream society's shifting attitudes towards fathers and fatherhood. Through it's often active forums it can also offer a rare window into the sometimes raw emotions of those badly impacted by state systems ostensibly created to protect their children.

The program began with a small group of disgruntled separated men in August, 2000 and has since gone on to attract a team of people with extensive journalistic, entertainment and internet experience.

Dads On The Air is registered as a not-for-profit group with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. The show played a pivotal role in the debate over family law reform, acting as a conduit for groups and individuals who could not get their voices heard in the mainstream media. As the years have passed Dads On The Air has widened its focus to cover broader social issues concerning parenthood and gender issues and to promote a positive view of fathers and fatherhood. The program has attracted leading politicians, authors and lobbyists both from Australia and around the world.

Guests have included the Attorney General Phillip Ruddock, Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia Diana Bryant, head of the family law inquiry Kay Hull, author of The Myth of Male Power Warren Farrell, UK writer and academic Barry Warrell of Without Authority fame, outspoken academic Stephen Baskerville, researchers from the University of Western Sydney Michael Woods and John MacDonald, and lobbyists including founder of F4J Matt O'Connor, Sue Price from MRA, Warwick Marsh from the Fatherhood Foundation, Richar' Farr from KRights Radio and columnist, Wayne Butler and Geoffrey Green from the Shared Parenting Council and broadcaster Glen Sacks - amongst many many others.

The studio for Dads On The Air is located at the offices of 2GLF in Liverpool in western Sydney.

The station 2GLF is one of the oldest community radio stations in Australia. It was amongst the first tranch of four community radio stations that were established by Gough Whitlam during the 1970s, a time of great social ferment and change in Australia. From the establishment of the first four there are now more than 130 community radio stations around Australia, a unique opportunity for local people to have their say and in international terms a rare instance of democracy at work.

Dads On The Air can be heard on Tuesday mornings 11.00-12.00 at 2GLF FM 89.3 in Sydney Australia  :thumbs: and depending on the quality of your radio can be heard from the mountains in the west to the coast in the east. While they're not all listening, it has a footprint of more than two million people across the demographic heart of Australia's most populous city.

The show is usually up on the website later the same week in an easily downloadable MP3 format. An entertaining mix of music, news, public information and wide ranging interviews aimed at fathers and those who care about them, the show covers issues concerning fatherhood, the Family Court, the Child Support Agency, Legal Aid, child welfare, boys education, male suicide, men's health, gender bias and other father, children and family related issues.


Time 11 am-12 pm (-705,540 minutes)
Date 2008-07-29
Type General
Priority High priority
Is public Yes
Recurrence Weekly

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