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Calendar - Nov 2014

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Shared Parenting Council of Australia

The Shared Parenting Council of Australia was incorporated in September 2002 as a representative body for a range of Parent, Children, Church and Family Law Reform organisations who share the common purpose of prescribing in law, every child's fundamental human right to an equal opportunity and relationship with both their Mother and Father following parental separation or divorce.
The Shared Parenting Council has maintained a commitment to the primary principal that each parent shall facilitate and encourage a close relationship with children ensuring that children have the benefit of both of their parents having a meaningful involvement in their lives and is working to deliver real shared parenting time outcomes for children The Shared Parenting Council believes in the fundemental principal of a presumption of equal time notwithstanding the safety of children is paramount and the ability of one or other of the parents to support equal or substaintially equal time arrangements
If you or a member of your family is currently going through the Family Court system for residence or contact with a child, then you will be experiencing one of the most traumatic episodes in your life.

If you or a member of your family is currently going through the Family Court system for residence or contact with a child, then you will be experiencing one of the most traumatic episodes in your life.

Family Breakdown, separation and divorce have become increasingly common in Australia today, with an estimated 50,000 or more families per year experiencing the loss and devastation these life changing circumstances can bring.

Not only is there a loss to familial relationships with your partner and children involved, but very often great financial hardship that can last for years after the event.

The Shared Parenting Council of Australia is well aware of these hardships, and our representatives are experienced in all aspects of the Family Law process as it currently stands.

We have researchers, legal advisors and counsellors as part of our team and through our affiliate organisations can offer genuine assistance to individuals and families in crisis.

Many of you will be experiencing the potential loss of your parenting role through 'forced' divorce and how your once unfettered access to your children is suddenly curtailed by Orders made in the Family Court.

Grandparents too, can experience a termination of their developmental role in their grandchildren's lives, and we also cater services for all family members exposed to this process.

Your first feelings from a Family Court Order can involve disbelief, anger and frustration at what is often a gross injustice to you, as a parent, and to your child or children through this system.

We understand your grief and are working on solutions to these problems - but we too need your help.

Join the Shared Parenting Council of Australia today and together we can help bring about change to the system that is destroying our children's lives through enforced separation and parental deprivation.

Your need is urgent and new solutions are required. With a small contribution to our cause, we hope to bring about change to the system - and provide better outcomes for you and your family.

SPCA News & Articles

Retired Family Court judge Richard Chisholm has p... (25 October, 2014, 12:51 PM)
Retired Family Court judge Richard Chisholm, now an Australian National University adjunct professor, has written a blueprint for overhauling Australias Family Law Act, and wants the laws to be changed, apparently to remove the prospect of Shared Parenting as a potential outcome in Family Law Court proceedings. This is nothing new for Chisholm, who has a penchant for writing reports and reviews that have consistent themes, notably that Shared Parenting laws must be removed from Australias Family Law act.

Submitted by Sonja Hastings

Labor MP Michelle Rowland wants parliament to app... (04 October, 2014, 11:59 PM)
Child Support
A Labor MP is pushing for the Federal Government to examine whether separated parents should be forced to provide proof of how they spend their child support payments. Ed Dabrowski, SPCA, said many of the comments against this idea are simply fear mongering when clearly with more information about child support payments the increased knowledge provides certainty and relief for the other parent.  Its a lightening rod for tension when there is zero accountability for the spending of the payers money on ALL things BUT the children. In the same way, tensions grow when contact with children is denied the solution is to enforce the contact denied by obstructive parents as this will bring the care levels closer to the 50 / 50 mark and reduce tension

Submitted by News.com.au

NSW to introduce legislation to support the broad... (14 September, 2014, 10:10 PM)
NSW is leading the way to give media outlets better access to broadcasting judgements and sentences in the Supreme and District Courts. NSW wants the community to have confidence in the justice system, so is moving to demystify the court process by allowing cameras inside the courtroom. The law creates a presumption in favour of allowing filming and broadcasting of final proceedings in criminal cases and judgments in civil cases in the Supreme and District Court of NSW with some limited exceptions. Childrens Court cases and matters in the Supreme Court that relate to the care and protection of children cannot be filmed.

Confidence betrayed by the justice system
08 August, 2014, 01:33 PM  

Woman who took child abroad on trial
18 October, 2013, 02:12 AM  

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